Welcome to Exminster Parish Council

The Parish Council is an important part of local government. It is a corporate body, the first elected level of our three tier system of local authority and closest to the electorate. Parish Councillors are unpaid and politically non-aligned. There are over 9,000 parish councils in England.

The Council represents the interests the whole community, its needs and wishes, seeking to maintain (and where possible improve) the quality of life and character of the area and the provision of local services.

On this website you will find more details on the role and services provided by the Parish Council along with the details of our councillors. We provide you with the dates of our meetings and copies of the agendas and minutes.

Exminster Parish Council consists of up to eleven councillors, who stand for election every four years, after which new elections are held.

In addition to the eleven councillors there is a Parish Clerk and a Deputy Clerk. All parish councillors are required to abide by the Code of Conduct.