Community Plan

Following on from the success of the first Exminster Community Plan in 2012 we surveyed residents again at the end of 2019.

Dedicated volunteers from the Parish Council and the community designed and hand delivered 1879 questionnaires. Another 125 questionnaires were posted out. Every household in Exminster Parish received a questionnaire and this gave everyone in the Parish an opportunity to respond, either on paper or online, to a wide range of questions about life in Exminster.

512 paper questionnaires were submitted (representing 885 people) and 220 online surveys were completed, bringing the total responses to 1095.

The main themes from the survey were that:

  • Exminster is seen as a good place to live.
  • Facilities are well used and green spaces are valued.
  • Parking issues cause a range of problems, including reducing access to facilities.
  • The bus service is well used and the idea of a railway halt is popular.
  • There are concerns around speeding motorists and Exminster losing its status as a village.
  • The majority of respondents support the provision of new build housing if a need is
  • The majority of respondents support the implementation of environmental measures even if no immediate financial benefit is realised.
  • Communications via broadband and mobile could be improved.