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The Environment Working Party was set up in June 2019 just to produce an Environment Plan for the Parish by March 2020, however, Covid-19 raised its ugly head and the plan was not adopted as expected. Rather than lose impetus the small group of people continued and have been persistent in their efforts to change attitudes within the community and encourage everyone to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.  The 17 actions from the draft Environment Plan have been their focus of work to meet Exminster Parish Council’s Environmental Policy.

Communication Actions 1-3.  A communications plan was written, an email address, Facebook page and webpages set up; the World Wildlife Fund method of measuring personal carbon footprint recommended and methods of measuring the carbon footprint of Exminster Parish are being investigated.

Biodiversity Actions 4-8. Surveys of natural assets, habitats and wildlife are underway; a Biodiversity Team set up to investigate wildlife habitats; co-ordination with the Green Spaces Group is proving vital for expertise, management skills and planting schemes; the Parish Council lobbies Teignbridge District Council regarding the impact on bat, bee and bird habitats and the human environment through individual and business developments.

Re-use, Recycle and Reduce Action 9. Only one action, but covers a multitude of work around recycling within the village, looking at long term community change and reviewing draft Resource and Waste Management papers for Devon.

Sustainable energy Actions 10 and 11. Through the planning process Exminster Parish Council remind Teignbridge District Council that ALL development should be built with a view to optimise energy efficiency. Promoting use of green energy, community generation projects and solar energy within the Parish.

Transport Actions 12-17. More than 20 initiatives are underway to improve transport options within the Parish including: provision of Co-cars and E-bikes; electric vehicle charging points; improvements to bus services, walking and cycling within the Parish.

Outlook. A Parish environment group should be set up to assist Exminster Parish Council’s long term plans to reduce the local carbon footprint.

Contact the Environment Working Party: greenfuture@exminsterparishcouncil.gov.uk