Air ambulance helicopter

Update 09/05/2022: Work will start on the installation of lights at Deepway on Tuesday 10 May.

Update 19/04/2022: The application has now been approved. More details on when work will start to follow.

A planning application to put floodlighting on Deepway Green to enable the Air Ambulance to land is awaiting decision. The details are available on Teignbridge District Council’s planning portal.

Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) now operates until 2am every day. To support night operations, DAA are working with communities to create a network of Community Landing Sites which are open spaces with floodlighting that can be operated remotely. The development of these sites is part-funded and managed by local communities and Exminster Parish Council has agreed that Deepway Green can be used for this purpose.

The main requirement for DAA to be able to land at Deepway during the hours of darkness is the installation of a floodlight that will create a pool of light focussed on the green. As the lights are operated remotely, they will only be switched on if the DAA has to land in Exminster. This may only be once or twice a year so light pollution or disruption is not an issue.

A grant will be received towards the cost of installation and the Parish Council will be responsible for providing the electricity, estimated to cost less than £10 per year, and the minimal maintenance costs of the lights. A small price to pay for potential life saving benefits.

More information about the project can be found on the Devon Air Ambulance Trust website.