Recycling in Exminster

Recycling has become a very hot topic at this current time. Never has it been so important to try and do our bit to help. We already recycle what we can in our black and green boxes, but there are usually so many things left over that could also be recycled if only we knew how! The question of where to start, where can I recycle, always pops up. Well, never fear, over the last few months the Environment Working Party of the Exminster Parish Council has been working hard to help you do just that. Click on the map below to find out what you can recycle, where.

A Google Map has been embedded on this page and is a 3rd party provided service and may not be fully accessible. If you require further help with getting location information please contact us.

One new initiative is Terracycle; a company that takes hard-to-recycle food packaging (mostly single-use plastic) and makes them into products. And along the way it helps to make money for local charities. Exminster Primary School has been participating in this scheme for a while now, raising much needed funds for the School. Examples of products that can be recycled by Terracycle in Exminster are crisp packets and cheese packaging.

Where the Terracycle stations located?
For Crisp Packets only

The Royal Oak – The black bin is by the shed in the car park

The Stowey Arms – The blue bin is by the front door

For Cheese Packaging and Crisp Packets

Maxine – The green bin is outside 2 Higher Aboveway

Tracey – The blue bin is outside 43 Old Quarry Drive

What other recycling stations are in the village?
Plastic confectionery tubs, ice cream and cracker tubs, takeaway containers and milk bottle tops

Debbie Rankin from Lotus Holistic Massage has a blue bin outside 7 Brownlees. The collection is seasonal and will go on until 31st January 2021, raising funds for Dartmoor Zoo and for the charity Mind. Debbie is also collecting used tealights until the end of March 2021 for the Recycled Candle Company (red bin).

Used Stamps

Exminster Post Office has a box on their window ledge, they will be collecting these until 31st December 2020 for Hospiscare.

What else can be recycled?

Watch this space, more to come.

There was a fantastic response from local individuals and businesses who kindly offered to have the recycle stations at their premises. Thank you for supporting this scheme; great community spirit. Be sure to support them all.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or better still want to get involved drop us a line addressed to: greenfuture@exminsterparishcouncil.gov.uk