More development for Exminster?

Teignbridge District Council is reviewing its Local Plan. This could have long-term consequences for Exminster.

The Local Plan is a document that sets out policies, proposals and actions needed to meet environmental, social and economic challenges facing the area. Teignbridge District Council has produced a guide to explain what’s needed, why and where.

Areas of land in Exminster Parish have been proposed as potential development sites. If these sites make it through to the final version of the Local Plan, developers will be able to build on the sites with less opposition.

The draft Local Plan is currently out for consultation and you are invited to submit your response. The Parish Council is preparing a robust response, but the more individual responses received the more chance the community has of influencing the future of the Parish.

The consultation closes on 9 August.

What impact could the Local Plan have on Exminster?

Scroll through the maps using the green arrows to see how the proposals could affect the Parish. Click on any individual map to make it larger and more detailed.

  • Today, Exminster has circa 1750 houses within the settlement limit (coloured purple on the map)
  • By 2030, the South West Exeter development (orange on the map) will increase the number of houses to circa 3750
  • If the proposed sites adjacent to the Exminster village are approved (dark red) the number of houses could increase to circa 4010
  • If the proposed site at Peamore is approved (bright red) the number of houses in the Parish could increase to circa 5000
Map of Exminster
Map of Exminster Parish
Map of Exminster Parish
Map of all proposed sites
Local Plan Development Possibilities Map Borders

Key documents for Exminster

How to respond to the consultation

Respond using this site specific survey or by emailing  localplanreview@teignbridge.gov.uk explaining your opinions.

The more detailed your response, the more weight it will carry. If you have a very strong opinion on one particular site, please use the site specific survey to submit your reasoning.

Here are some instructions on how to submit comments.