Bee And Flowers

No Mow May is back for another year. I know a few of you are thinking of doing it or taking part. Hubby is loving the fact that he doesn’t have to mow the front lawn for a month!

Throughout May, Maxine or I will pop some interesting facts on our Facebook page (@ExminsterEnvironmentGroup) about what flowers may appear and the different types of bees or other insects that may visit your garden.

The Exminster Environment Group is encouraging everyone with a lawn:

  1. Not to mow it during May.
  2. After May, to mow it to 1-2 inches very 4 weeks or so, leaving a patch fully uncut.

A recent study by Plantlife (https://www.plantlife.org.uk/uk/discover-wild-plants-nature/no-mow-may) showed that lawns cut every 4 weeks produce the most flowers and nectar. However, some plant species don’t flower well when being cut, so leaving patches unmown will increase the flower diversity of your lawn.

Let me know how you get on. Maxine and I would love to see what wildflowers grow and what wildlife visit your garden. Share your photographs on Facebook.

Caroline Shezall