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In response to the growing awareness of a climate and ecological crisis, Exminster Parish Council established an Environmental Policy in 2019 to guide its future actions, together with an Environment Working Party tasked with advising it on ways to tackle the twin problems of climate change and loss of biodiversity at a local level.

The Working Party’s Terms of Reference are set by the Council. It consists of a small number of volunteer Councillors and residents who initially gathered ideas and requests from the village community, the current outcome of which is shown in this update report.

During its first six months, the Working Party produced a draft Environment Action Plan, which was approved by the Council in May 2020. Since then, the members of the Working Party have been helping the Council to put the actions into effect. A report on progress to date was given to the Council in November 2021.

As work has progressed, the Plan has been reviewed and updated and the Working Party is now working to our newly approved Environment Action Plan v2.

If you are also concerned about climate change and would like to help these actions to be delivered, please get in touch with us.