Look out for Blue Hearts in the Village – Who wants to Join us?

Blue HeartThe Environment Working Party Biodiversity team has been looking at what we can do as a community to help wildlife, in particular pollinating insects which are currently facing significant threats including habitat loss and pollution.

We will be looking at public areas but are focusing to start with on improving garden biodiversity. Together, the UK’s gardens make up an area larger than all of the National Nature Reserves, and there are 8 times the number of ponds in gardens than in the countryside. Allowing some space for nature in any garden is a great way to help wildlife.

What can I do? 

We would love it if you could join us in supporting the Blue Campaign. If you have a lawn, the simplest way to take part is:

  • Set aside an area (of any size) and leave cutting it until the winter to allow the wildflowers to grow and help bees, butterflies, beetles, hedgehogs and birds to thrive.
  • Put a blue heart made of recycled materials in the ground to show your support for the campaign and explain what you are doing if your neighbours ask!

If you don’t have a lawn, setting an area aside for wildlife and avoiding the use of garden chemicals is a great way to take part. There are other ideas on the Blue Campaign website as well.

We would love to see any photos and hear about any wildlife you spot.

We will give regular updates about any further ways to get involved or information as it comes up. Please do come back to us with any questions or suggestions as well or if you would like to help us further. If you are part of a community group that would be interested in supporting the campaign it would be great to hear from you.

For more information about the Blue Campaign see www.bluecampaignhub.com