In our Environment Action Plan there is one action on walking and cycling.

Action ENV16

Under action ENV16, we presented a report to the Parish Council suggesting 19 changes to roads and paths around the village, aimed at making walking and cycling more convenient and safer. Of these, the following proposals were accepted and, where appropriate, referred to Devon County Council (as highway authority) for consideration.

These are:

  • Widening the Main Road pavement between Dryfield and Crockwells Road to allow pedestrians to pass safely without having to step into the road. It would also help those who have to queue for entry to the post office. This means that the road would become one-way with traffic light control and would help to cut vehicle speeds in line with the 20mph limit in this location.
  • Giving pedestrians priority over vehicles on the stretch of Deepway Lane between Deepway Court and the junction with Townfield. This is heavily used by pedestrians en route to and from the Primary School. There is no path here and cars park on one side of the road, leaving a narrow gap where pedestrians and vehicles compete for space. The options are to provide a path or impose a ban on parking.
  • Creating a footpath between the top of Farmhouse Rise and Deepway Lane, which would enable pedestrians from the northern end of the village to have easier access to the surrounding countryside. It was decided not to pursue this now, but to revisit it when the Ridgetop Park is opened in 2022.
  • The footpath between Old Quarry Drive and Brunel View is surfaced with loose shingle which is not fit for purpose. As a result, pedestrians have to walk in the road. The history of this situation is to be investigated.
  • Providing a safe crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists over the Main Road by the bus stops under the motorway bridge. This was already under consideration.
  • Providing a safe crossing point over Sannerville Way from the bus stop opposite the Texaco garage. Suitable signs are to be investigated.
  • Providing signs that encourage cyclists to use the former planned bus route between Main Road and Milbury Farm estate, rather than the narrow part of Main Road up to the junction with Devington Drive. The Environment Working Party has since been asked to recommend suitable signs for each end of this route.
  • In the meantime, the Council is already pursuing a 20mph speed limit throughout the village and has decided that if this comes into being, there will be no need for a separate cycle route through the village, as previously conceived.
  • We are engaging with the Exeter Walking and Cycling Local Improvement Plan, due for completion in 2022. The Plan aims to ensure 50% of journeys in the Exeter are by foot or bike by 2030. It offers the opportunity to progress key improvements in Exeter, such as cycle crossings and safer streets.