Rebecca Watts

Having lived in Devon for 9 years, Rebecca relocated to Exminster in 2016 with her dog, Ted and the pair have been enjoying the peace and quiet of rural village life ever since.

Her involvement with the Parish Council came as a consequence of her long-standing engagement with Legal Charities and NGOs that focus on disability and low income family rights. She became aware of how these more vulnerable groups are often sadly under-represented due to a myriad of reasons which prevent active participation and hopes that becoming a councillor will provide a voice, and a friendly ear to people in those groups.

She also has a love of community engagement projects and is always willing to help out or fundraise where possible.

Rebecca has strong links to the local farming community through YFC and competitive shooting. She is an avid rowing enthusiast having coxed for a number of years- the most memorable was stake-boating at Eton College in Windsor and participating in Henley Regatta. She occasionally kayaks with her dog although his paws prevent him from doing more than paddling and has been a beginner for many years at surfing, but her partner insists that her lack of drowning ‘yet’ shows definite progress.