The Parish Council has finalised its response to the proposed submission version of Teignbridge District Council’s Local Plan.

Unlike the previous two consultations, this was a little trickier to respond to as the response had to be assessed against three criteria:

  • Legal Criteria – does the Plan meet the legal requirements made under various statutes?
  • Soundness – has the plan been positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy?
  • Meets the Duty to Co-operate – has the Council engaged and worked effectively with neighbouring authorities and statutory bodies?

The response was narrowed down to four key areas of concern for the Parish.

  1. Potential impact of the Peamore development on Days Pottles Lane.
  2. Potential impact of  development at Sannerville Chase and Milbury Barton on the safety of Main Road.
  3. Concern regarding a change in the funding of SANGS.
  4. General concern about the implementation and enforcement of policies.

All of the Parish Council’s responses are available on the Local Plan Review Page with a brief explanation of what the Plan means for Exminster.

There is still time to reply to the consultation. Instructions are available on TDC’s website. The consultation closes at noon on Monday 13 March.